Crate Training a Puppy or Dog

Using a Puppy potty training Crate is an easy puppy potty training technique where a crate is being used in order to utilize the puppy's natural instinct not to soil its den. The crate provides a safe place for the puppy to be in and should be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Puppy potty training crates can come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every dog's needs. These crates are a very efficient and effective method of house training your puppy in addition to reducing stress. In the following few paragraphs we will discuss the basic guidelines for using Puppy potty training crates.

Benefits of crate training

Crate training a puppy can be very rewarding, both for the puppy and the owner. As said before, the crate creates a safe, isolated place for the puppy to sleep and rest, hence making your dog calm and less stressed. In addition, dogs naturally tend to not soil their dens so the crate helps in potty training.  

puppy potty training crate

While potty training a puppy, do not confuse temporary crate confinement and long term restriction. Puppy potty training crates are meant for short term confinement. That keeps your pup from eliminating when confined, so it will want to go when you go for a walk and then you can reward and praise her. Crate training also teaches your puppy to have bladder and bowel control. Due to this effective technique of Puppy potty training your pup will learn how to hold it and go at convenient scheduled times rather than going whenever and whenever it wants.

Mishaps during Training:

If by any chance there is an accident in the house, you should just clean it up and avoid punishing your puppy. It only means that you have given your puppy unsupervised access to your house before its time. Set the puppy free only when it can be trusted and its behavior is controlled by you. If errors occur it is advisable to go back to the crate training routine. It proves that the pup still needs time to develop bladder and bowel control, and to predict when it eliminates and where.

puppy potty training crate

Crate training should not be misused or else the problem will get extremely worse. The crate is not set up as a solitary confinement for the puppy for long, extended hours. If your puppy eliminates in the crate because you left it there for too long, it will set back the house training process for several weeks.


Puppy potty training crates should only be used when you are home and for short periods of time. If you keep your pup inside the crate for hours it will soil the crate and the training process will suffer. Furthermore, the crate should not be used as a form of punishments. Remember, the crate should be is a safe and happy place for the dog.

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