Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training your puppy is one of the most important things puppy owners have to do. On one hand, you know all your dog owner friends have their dogs empty their bladder outside, but on the other hand, especially if it is your first puppy, you don't really know how they went about training their puppies.

Potty Training a Puppy

There are a few simple and effective ways for puppy potty training, techniques you can apply at home by yourself, without the need for outside assistance or the services of a paid dog-trainer. You can learn a lot online, reading or watching videos about puppy potty training.

The basics of puppy potty Training

There are a few basic things you need to remember when you decide on potty training a puppy. The first is that puppies have small bladders, and need to go out a few times a day. It takes some time before their bladder grows, and before they learn how to hold and wait for the right time.

Potty Training a Puppy

As for the training itself, the best and most accessible training method is creating a routine:

  1. Puppy potty training schedule – One of the most common mistakes is forgetting the natural habits of the puppy. When potty training a puppy, it is best to have regular feeding times, and start taking the puppy out on regular hours. It will be trouble potty training puppy easier for the puppy to learn that way.
  2. be attentive –to the changing needs of your puppy as it grows. When both of you learn the rhythm, things become much easier. A common mistake is to expect your pup to let you know it needs to go when still at a young age, so it is up to you to keep alert.
  3.  Most puppies defecate soon after eating – considering the fact you have regular feeding times, making sure your puppy only goes outside should be easy, even before it learns how to hold for hours.

Equipment that can help in potty training

And so, with a very strict schedule, keeping your attention on the pup's needs, and understanding the regular hours and ways of your puppy, potty training a puppy becomes easy and fun, and your puppy will soon learn how to behave the right way.

Potty Training a Puppy

The "Den" and the outside world

Potty training puppies is not the easiest task, yet the motivation is always there, as it touches a true need for all of us dog owners. The biggest leap in this training happens when your puppy understands the borders of your home, "The Den", and realizes that soiling it is not an option.

Creating a strong differentiation between "The Den" and the outside world is a core element in your pup's training, and for easy puppy potty training you should begin as soon as the puppy comes home, as you do not wish your puppy to learn bad habits, as it will cause trouble potty training puppy which is used to going indoors.

Once the differentiation is set, your pup will immediately find the simplest way to get your attention when it wants to go out of the den, and will avoid soiling the den at all costs. If occasionally it does something indoors, you will see it is ashamed, knowing it has done something wrong. Another way to support the learning process, especially with younger puppies, is with a puppy potty training crate, where your puppy will spend different periods of time in which it will avoid soiling its own small space.

Overall, there are more than a couple of ways to potty train a puppy on your own, and experience shows time and again that the simplest most efficient way to go is to follow the guidelines above.

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