My Best tip

by John
(United States, New York)

puppies are the best :)

puppies are the best :)

I think that the most important tip that I want to tell every one is...
drums please...

take it easy! it not going to happened in a day, crate training is something that takes a lot of time.
take it step by step and don't push it. The second you push it the puppy will fell it and will react to it, most of the times in a bad way :(

I think that what can help you to take the crate training in a relax and easy going way is to remember what my mom once told me. A dog is like a baby that never grow up.

You won't push a baby to potty training and you won't take him by force to the park if he don't want to, are you?
same here, take the time, in the and the crate training will do the job, just don't give up :)

Thank you for the great article and the awesome crate training tips :)

Hope my crate training tip helped someone here and have a great day!

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