Puppy Training For Different Breeds- Things To Keep In Mind

Now that you have decided to buy a dog, there are certain things to know about breeds puppy training that can really save your life in the long run! Dogs are available in a host of different sizes and breeds; short and tall, loyal and disloyal, intelligent and dumb, active and lazy. Virtually, there are all kinds of dogs available. If you are looking for a specific kind, you’re sure to find one! However, while thinking about getting a graceful Siberian husky or an Alaskan malamute or even a German shepherd does seem like a great idea to most people, the most important thing to keep in mind here is the fact that they require a specific form of training in order to turn out right. Like kids, breeds’ puppy training must be carried out in a manner that is in line with their innate habits, which differ from breed to breed. Now, before we go in to more detail, let us divide the sections and tackle each breed one by one.

Doberman puppy training

Doberman puppy training - Breeds puppy training

Ah, the fine black beauty. The Doberman pinscher is a medium sized dog with a square build. The dog has a compact, muscular body and is widely regarded as one of the finest guard dogs out there. These dogs have a lot of energy pent up inside them, and they require a great amount of leadership and interaction with humans in order to turn out right. The most important thing for people reading up about breed’s puppy training is to make sure they understand how to handle the dog properly, because otherwise the Doberman tends to become stubborn. You need to set rules, and make sure you stick to them at all times. Needless to say, the Doberman requires consistent and thorough training. The owner needs to establish him/ herself as the alpha, and the puppy will begin to follow every action with great interest.

Training a Boxer puppy

Boxer puppy training - Breeds puppy training

With a powerful and compact body, Boxers are able to run quite fast, and maintain a low center of gravity. Boxers are extremely curious dogs and have a great amount of energy within them. These dogs are also quite intelligent, and it doesn’t take them long to understand what the owner is trying to say. The Boxer is also an extremely loyal dog, and affectionate towards their owner. However, the Boxer needs to be trained with a lot of attention, as a lack of attention will lead to them becoming rowdy and potentially destructive. Importantly, the owner must make the Boxer sociable at a certain age so that they don’t get out of control when brought in public at a later date. Boxers also require a lot of leadership from humans; they need to be taught not to jump at other people, as these dogs are highly athletic. Boxer puppy training will also require you to invest a great deal of time with your pup. Boxer puppy training requires patience and care in order to ensure that the puppy turns out right.

Great Dane puppy training

Great Dane puppy training - Breeds puppy training

The German Mastiff, or the Great Dane is called ‘Great’ for a reason; it is a giant, powerful dog that is able to large distances with its tall legs without any problem. Owing to its size, a Great Dane is much more suited to people who have a yard for the puppy to play in, because the Great Dane tends to grow rapidly, and before you know it, it would be strutting within the house knocking over things. However, despite its size, the Great Dane has a very good temperament; it is known as the ‘gentle giant’ by many breeders. However, training for this dog should begin right from the early stages, as it needs to learn how to operate under a single leader. The dog needs to be shown that you, and all other humans, rank higher than the dog, which is the key to building a successful relationship with your dog. The dog loves humans, and must be kept around them as much as possible.

German shepherd puppy training

German Shepherd puppy training - Breeds puppy training

The German shepherd is a highly intelligent, highly graceful and an extremely dependable dog. This is the type of dog that can save your life in a fix. The dogs are highly intelligent, but need to be nurtured in a manner that promotes their intelligence. For that to happen, the owners need to begin from a very early age. The German shepherd itself is a very strong dog and are quite often used as working dogs. This breed requires owners who have a natural aura of authority around them, because the dog needs to be kept calm at times. But, you should make sure that you do not treat the dog with an inconsistent demeanor, as its high intelligence will often leave it confused about your actions. It should be known that these dogs are extremely faithful and brave, but it requires people around almost all the time; isolation for long periods of time can cause the dog to become destructive. The German shepherd requires firm training from a very early age, and need a leader who is able to show them how to channel their inner energy in a positive manner. Don’t treat the Shepherd as if it were human; they need to be treated according to their canine instincts. You must not think that you can easily keep your Shepherd at bay without much exercise, it’ll tear your house apart!

Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Golden Retriever puppy training - Breeds puppy training

Of all the different manuals on breeds’ puppy training, perhaps the most amount of info is available on the Golden Retriever. This is mainly because the Retriever is so famous for being a lovable pet. Make no mistakes though, the dog requires a lot of attention in order to turn out right. The Golden Retriever is a well-mannered, highly intelligent dog with a lot of charm. Training the Golden Retriever is much easy as compared to other specialized breeds, mainly because they are quite patient to listen.  These dogs are highly self- assured, with a lot of energy inside them. Keep in mind though that these dogs have very little guarding instincts; they are lovable creatures and when raised around humans, will look up to them. The Golden Retriever requires lots of daily exercise and activity, otherwise will turn out to be quite easily distractible and destructive. It needs the human to portray him/ herself as a calm and assured leader of the pack to ensure that minimal issues arise during the training period.

Labrador puppy training

Labrador puppy training - Breeds puppy training

The Labrador retriever is regarded as one of the most popular breeds in the world, mainly because of its lovable nature and its loyalty. The Labrador itself is a highly lovable, affectionate and loyal dog, and if trained properly, it will prove to be an extremely lovable family dog. The Labrador is great with babies, and has a very good nature. It is always eager to please its master, so care should be taken that you treat it properly. The dog itself has a very reliable temperament, and is excellent with children of all ages! Now, the Labrador needs human leadership of an incomparable nature, but they need to be shown that they are part of the family too. The Labrador needs to be socialized with other dogs from a very young age, otherwise you’d be left with a highly reserved dog. If you do not teach it who the pack leader really is, the dog can become highly destructive. As is common with many different breeds, the Labrador needs to be trained, both mentally and physically, for a good couple of hours on a daily basis.

Rottweiler Puppy Training

Rottweiler puppy training - Breeds puppy training

The Rottweiler is an extremely strong and muscular dog, with a very powerful body. However, despite its foreboding size, the Rottweiler is a relatively calm dog, but one that is highly courageous and devoted to its owner and family. The dog itself can be trained without worry if the owner keeps a few pointers in mind. The dog is pretty serious, and has an even temperament. This is one of the bravest dogs out there, so it isn’t fazed by anything at all. This is a natural guard dog, with a docile nature. It doesn’t run around as much as a German shepherd would, but that doesn’t mean when you opt for puppy Rottweiler training, you leave the dog out completely from physical exercise. It should be known that the Rottweiler is a highly intelligent guard dog, and understands commands quite efficiently. Because of the size it grows in to, training for the Rottweiler needs to begin at a relatively early age. It needs to receive constant training and leadership, and the dog needs to be mentally engaged at virtually all times, so that it doesn’t become destructive. Also, make sure you socialize the Rottweiler at an early age, otherwise its guarding instincts would kick whenever it is out in the surroundings, making it a potential danger to seemingly harmless individuals.

Beagle Puppy training

Beagle puppy training - Breeds puppy training

Ah, the Beagle! Of all the breeds, puppy training a Beagle is regarded as one of the most rewarding experiences, mainly because of the cuteness of this dog as well as the sweet nature that it possesses. The Beagle is a very lovable dog; you will find that it is happy to see everyone it meets, often wagging its tail. The dog however, is quite brave and intelligent and is eager to learn. Owing to its size, the Beagle can make an excellent apartment dog. The Beagle has a natural instinct to track, and you need to promote it by playing different games with the dog. If the dog picks up a scent, it will wander off without bothering to listen to its master, so you need to make sure that you train it on a leash. The dog is highly focused, and is likely to drown out all noise when tracking. You need to make sure that your Beagle does not become the pack leader, as that could lead to a number of different issues in the behavior of the dog, such as snapping and biting and other destructive behaviors, etc. 

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