Trouble with potty training a puppy

Potty training a puppy is a very important task every dog owner has to go through. When your pup reaches a certain age (about 8-10 weeks) you'd want to start the training process which includes teaching your dog bladder and bowel control as well as establishing a schedule for eating, sleeping and a potty routine. With that said, many dog owners have trouble with potty training their puppy. It is very common and most of the time very easy to fix. In the following paragraphs we will show some common problems and suggest solutions.

In the early stages of life, Puppies lack bladder and bowel control. Combined with the fact that they eat a lot in order to grow, things can get messy anywhere, anytime, and you end up cleaning after your pup all day long. Sounds familiar? Trust us, you are not alone and this is very normal. This situation can be a little frustrating, but there are a few simple things you can do that will help:

potty training a puppy

  • Establish an eating routine – puppies usually defecate shortly after eating
  • Take your puppy for a walk at specific times – after a meal, first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.
  • Get to know the signs – puppies tend to sniff the ground, scratch the door or pace restlessly when they need to go.

As you may have noticed, all of the above are easy tips to follow if you are home, but trouble with potty training a puppy show up even more when you are away. 

Here are a few steps for leaving the pup home alone -

  • The first thing you need to do when you leave your pup alone in the house is to designate a small area for it to stay in, this could be a small room or a bathroom.
  • Cover the floor with paper or puppy pads.
  • Put your puppy's toys, water bowl and bed inside.

At first, your pup will go everywhere and it is also likely that it will chew the paper towels and drag them around the room. Again, this is normal, and all you need to do is clean it all up when you get home and put fresh paper towels. The purpose of this is to get your puppy used to "going" on paper towels only, and not on other surfaces.

If you are consistent, you will see that as time goes by your pup will pick a specific place to do its business. At that point, when you see that the other paper towels are clean, you can start to reduce the covered area. Take it slow, know that this is a process and accidents will happen. If they do, don't punish your pup, just clean it up quickly, make the covered area larger and make the transition more gradually.

When you see that the pup is going where it is supposed to with no accidents reliably, you can start to move the paper towels a little bit every day and place them in an area of your choice.

potty training a puppy

The key for potty training a puppy successfully is patience and consistency. Be kind to your puppy; reward it when he goes outside or at the right spot. Always be patient and know that accidents will happen and they are a part of the learning process. Do not punish your pup if things do not go as you expected, just take it slow and keep a positive attitude.

Good luck!

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