Training a Boxer Puppy

Training a boxer puppy is a wonderful thing as Boxers are extremely friendly and family companion dogs. Boxers are an outstanding blend of playful personality, high intelligence, and flexibility. They are best for family protection as they have a very caring and affectionate temperament, accompanied by their strong looks. Raising a Boxer puppy can be a very pleasant experience when they are given a chance to properly socialize and train.

Boxer puppies are an ideal choice for families with young children. Boxers crave human companionship; they have a gift of forming a close bond with each member of their human family.

Training a Boxer Puppy

What to check before taking a Boxer puppy home:

Before you choose to bring a Boxer pup home, you should do some research about the breed - read as much as you can and even talk to other Boxer owners. Try to be as prepared as possible so you can relax when the pup is home, especially if this is your first time raising a puppy.

Boxer Dog Training

Training a boxer puppy can involve housebreaking, obedience training, crate training, leash walking, and clicker training. Remember that puppy training is all about consistency, patience and positive reinforcement.

Training a Boxer Puppy

Every dog is a distinct individual. Some dogs respond really well to praise, others to rewards such as treats and toys and some to food. Try all of these and mix them up, see what works best for you.

When Training a boxer puppy, go for reward based, positive and non-violent training methods. Early puppy socialization is also very essential, as it helps the puppy ease up and get comfortable around other people and animals.

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