10 Common Mistakes In Puppy Crate Training

Puppy crate training is a method of housebreaking which utilizes your pups den instincts, the instincts that tells it not "to go" in its home. Crate training a puppy is an easy and quick way to house train your pup, but it could be a bid difficult at first. Here are 10 common mistakes dog owners do when crate training:

Puppy crate training

1. Choosing the wrong crate size

When choosing puppy training crates, make sure the crate  is cozy but large enough for the pup to stand and turn around.

2. Leaving the pup in the crate for too long

The crate is not meant for long term use; the pup will be frustrated and stressed if left inside for too long. In addition to that, the pup will have to soil the crate after a long stay which will cause a set back in the training process.

3. Forcing the pup in the crate

When crate training a puppy, you would want the pup to go in the crate on its own, to sniff around and explore. Make the crate as comfortable as possible and give your pup time to get used to it.

4. Not supporting the pup

Puppies are naturally insecure, you need to stay with them and reinforce every good thing they do. Do not leave your pup in the crate and walk away, stay in the same room or move the crate to where you are. Reward your pup for its good behavior.

5. Warm weather

Do not put the pup inside the crate when it is hot outside and always have cold water available.

6. Closing too soon

The puppy needs to be fully relaxed before you close the crate door, do not leave an anxious dog in a closed crate.

Puppy crate training

7. Accidents

Puppies have a small bladder and little bowl control so help them by noticing the signs they need "to go" – sniffing the crate floor and turning around.

8. Using the crate as a form of punishment

The crate is supposed to be a safe, relaxing place for the pup and not a thing to fear of. Using the crate as a form of punishment will make the pup nervous and prevent it from going inside.

9. Ignoring the pup

It is easy to forget about the pup when it is inside the crate but it is very important not to. Give your pup enough attention, take it for walks and play together as much as you can.

10. Forgetting to remove the collar

Always remove your puppy or dog's collar before confining in the crate. Even flat buckle collars can occasionally get struck on the bars or wire mesh of a crate.

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