Puppy Training Crates- Which one do you need?

So you have just bought a puppy, and are looking for different types of puppy training crates. Well, let us tell you something: there are so many different types of crates that one can easily get confused! Depending upon the type of dog that you have, the type of puppy training crates that you should be looking for will vary considerably. Here are some of the different types of puppy training crates available, as well as their pros and cons:

Wire Crate

Puppy Training Crates

Wire crates are great for dogs that tend to get hot quite easily, as they allow for a lot of ventilation. If you are living in a hot climate with a dog that has a great amount of fur, choosing a wire puppy training crate may be a great idea. Many wire crates also have the ingenious option of folding flat so that they can be stored without taking up a lot of space. However, there are certain disadvantages of choosing wire crates as well; wire crates tend to be noisier than the standard plastic crates, and they don’t look as good either. Furthermore, moving around large sized wire crates can be a real chore for most people, as they are quite heavy.

Plastic crates

Puppy Training Crates

Plastic crates are great for dogs that prefer cozy spaces and like sleeping in corners. They are also very convenient and used for airline travel. Furthermore, plastic crates are available in a number of different colors, and it isn’t as easy for the pup to break out of. However, there are some downsides of the plastic crate as well; the puppy could get hot inside the crate as there isn’t appropriate air circulation within. There are certain dogs who like to keep an idea of what’s happening around them, but keeping them in a crate restricts their field of view, which could make them frustrated.

Soft- sided crates

Soft- sided crates are pretty lightweight and portable, and are excellent for use with small sized dogs that are non- destructible in nature. These crates are excellent for travel outside, and can also be folded and kept away quite neatly. However, in case of a potty accident, it will be a major chore for you to clean the crate thoroughly. Also, destructive dogs will just eat their way out of the crate with ease.

Heavy - duty crates

The heavy- duty crates are designed to contain dogs who are considered to be escape artists or those which are highly destructive. These are quite expensive, and aren’t as appealing. However, they aren’t designed to look good; they are designed to serve a purpose. These crates are quite heavy, so it is not always the easiest of tasks to carry them around from one place to another.

Cute Crates

Puppy Training Crates

We all love cute things, don’t we? Of course we do! With a wooden or rattan finish, these crates look wonderful wherever they are kept. There are certain types of crates which you can even use as pieces of furniture, as an end or side table! However, these crates are not good for destructive dogs; they will chew their way out. If the floor is made of finished wood, an accident in the crate will potentially cause serious damage to the floor of the crate. However, these crates look very good, and are just glorified homes for your pet!

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