Product Description

The KONG flyer is the world's best soft flexible flyer. Made with durable natural rubber, the flyer is safe for teeth and gums. This disc out-soars the competition.

he KONG Flyer is the best soft rubber disc on the market. Made with durable KONG Classic rubber, the Flyer is safe for teeth and gums. If your dog loves to fetch and catch, then the Flyer is the best, safest product for play.

Exercise your dog in a safe, fun way using the KONG Flyer. It features accurate flight and the durable rubber creates a soft catch meaning your dog will want to catch it again and again!


Product Features

  • Durable
    Made out of KONG Classic durable, non-toxic natural rubber
  • Fetch It!
    The KONG Flyer is the perfect flying disc for games of fetch
  • Safe for your pet
    KONG rubber is soft on dog’s teeth and gums, making it safer for games of fetch than traditional plastic flyers
  • Available in 2 sizes
    KONG Flyer is available in Small and Large
  • Made in the USA
  • For dogs up to 85 pounds - the flyer is 9 inches in diameter

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 1.1 x 9 inches ; 8.2 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 9.9 ounces
  • Average Amazon Customer Review: 4.1 stars out of 5

Positive Amazon Comment

I have a 80 pound lab mix dog who loves nothing more than chasing a frisbee in our backyard. The problem is, while bringing it back he chomps on it so hard that he either cracks the harder plastic frisbees or his teeth just pierce right through the softer plastic ones. This Kong frisbee is different, though. It's made of rubber instead of plastic, so it squishes rather than cracks when the force of his teeth is applied. Of course, this also makes it much easier on his teeth, but I worried about whether it would last. I bought it, though, since it was not much more expensive than the plastic ones I knew he'd destroy.

After a half-hour of playing there was no visible wear on the frisbee, so I left it out in the yard. It's been out there for over 2 weeks now and we've played with it every day. There are a few (seriously) tiny tears in it -nothing I'm too concerned about. If and when this frisbee wears out I'll definitely buy another one!

ByErica Marshallon June 22, 2007

Negative Amazon Comment

I've had two pit bulls and they loved the Kong frisbees. The ones I bought in the brick and mortar pet stores lasted for over a year each, provided I just used them for frisbee catching and of course a little tug of war after my dog returned them to me. Even with a tiny bit of tug of war, the frisbees held up fantastically and I could throw them straight consistently for 30 to 50 yards with no problem. Now I've bought two or three over the past year through Amazon and they have all seemed to be pretty flimsy. And they never fly straight any more. Is it a coincidence? One frisbee maybe, but not two or three. I love Amazon. I buy 90% of my stuff through the company, but I've been burned by counterfeit Apple charger cords and Gillette Mach 3 razor blades (http://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B0039LMTHE/ref=acr_dpxrating_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0). I'm starting to lose confidence in the authenticity of their products. If Amazon can't verify the integrity of the merchandise being sold on its site, then they should not sell. My apologies if I'm wrong, but I've never been given reason to question the supply chain with any other brick and mortar retailer in the past.

By Steven Danehy "Steveprguy" on June 1, 2014

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