House Training Your Puppy - Important Guidelines

House training your puppy is not an easy job by any means. While dogs are excellent pets, they need to be trained properly in order to turn out to be good enough. If you have just brought the puppy home, remember that house training your puppy will require you to be patient, deliberate and concentrated. The puppy will take up a great deal of your time and energy, and you will need to exercise a lot of patience in order to ensure that your puppy understands whatever you are doing. Here are some things that you need to do when it comes to house training your puppy:

Get a crate

Puppy House Training Tips - House Training a Puppy

The first thing that will make your life easier is to get a crate for your puppy. Getting a crate will make it significantly easier for you as the pup will adapt to the crate much quicker than the whole house. Puppies are naturally conditioned not to pee in their own dens, and so potty training will also become a significantly easy option as compared to before.

Set a potty schedule

Puppies usually tend to eliminate right after they wake up, and approximately twenty to thirty minutes after they have had their food. Hence, whenever you wake up in the morning, take your puppy out in the yard to eliminate. If you don’t have a yard, you must have a litter box in the washroom. Fix a spot where the puppy will eliminate, and make sure you remain consistent with praise whenever the puppy goes on the right spot.

House training your puppy takes time, Take it slow

For the first few days when you bring the puppy home, make sure that you do not let it throughout the house in the first go. Keep it within the room for the first few days, and let it explore its surroundings. Once the puppy knows the environment and feels comfortable, only then should you allow it to venture outside.

Do you need to hire a trainer?

If you have time on your hands, you probably do not need to hire a trainer. Remember, if you have a trainer, they will just train your puppy but would be unable to build the loving bond that you will construct by spending time with your pup. While it might seem difficult at first, once the puppy begins to understand its routine and knows when it’s time for it to learn and practice, it will be more than willing to learn whatever you throw at it! Hence, you really don’t need to hire a trainer. However, for people for whom time is a luxury, it might be a viable idea to hire a trainer since pups require a lot of attention.

Puppy House Training Tips - House Training a Puppy

Can your puppy be trained to guard the house?

Now, this really depends upon the type of breed that you have. The Doberman pinscher, or the Rottweiler are both excellent breeds for guard dogs, while the German shepherd is also extremely protective. Some breeds have natural watch dog instincts, while others will have to be taught. However, some dogs, like the Siberian husky, are extremely social animals, and it is much likely to greet the robbers at night than guard your house.

The 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds

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