Great Dane puppy training

The Great Dane, also known as "the gentle giant", is a very large, elegant, and sweet dog. They are a giant working breed and are very muscular and powerful as well. Despite of their size, Great Danes are known for being friendly in nature and tend to seek a lot of affection from their owners. They are generally well behaved around other dogs, pets and humans and do not exhibit extreme aggressiveness. When being raised around children, the Great Dane can be an extremely gentle pet for them and great fun to be around.

Great Dane puppy training - Breeds Puppy Training

Great Dane puppies require gentle exercise to maintain their health and it is important not to over exercise them.

When facing Great Dane puppy training, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Start training at an early age in which your pup will be smaller and therefore much easier to handle. you can start as soon as your pup in settled in its new home.

2. Like most large breeds, the Great Dane requires a lot of socialization as a puppy. It is crucial to expose your pup to as many dogs, kids and other humans as possible. This will help your pup build confidence and will help you establish the "owner-dog" relationship. You would want your pup to be calm around new dogs and people, not to go for the attack or jump on people as soon as they come into your home.

If your puppy grows up isolated without adequate socialization it can become insecure and scared of new experiences.

3. Obedience training should also be present at an early stage of your puppy's life. As the owner, you need to teach you pup to respect you and listen to your commands. You can start using the basic commands such as "stay" and "sit" on the very first days of your puppy's arrival and then gradually introduce new commands and tools like a clicker or a whistle. Remember to reward your pup for good behavior and not to punish it for mistakes.

Great Dane puppy training - Breeds Puppy Training

4. House training your puppy – your pup needs to perceive your home as its den, a safe place for it to sleep and rest. Training starts on the very first day and you would want to teach your pup the house rules from day one. These can include: not to chew everything in sight or sit on your furniture. Keep in mind that Great Danes will get very big very fast and you can control them more easily at an early age. 

5. Easy puppy potty training – like any new puppy, your Great Dane will need to be potty trained. Depending on the puppy's age, you can use puppy pads or paper towels at first, and than gradually reduce the covered space until you get full control. Your pup will develop bowel and bladder control as it grows and than will go only when outside. Many Great Dane dog owners prefer to crate train their puppy from the first few days, this is a very easy method of potty training and can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

The Great Danes or the "gentle giants" are truly deserving of their title. If you have room in your home and you are looking for a calm, loyal dog with an impressive appearance and lots of affection to give, this is the right choice for you.

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