Easy Puppy Potty Training

There are few things as warm, loving and joyous as having puppies in your home. However, as wonderful as they can be, they will need to be trained to go outside to relieve themselves or go in a particular location in your home that you have selected. Potty training a puppy may seem like a daunting task at first, but if you know what to do, you shouldn’t have any trouble potty training your puppy.

Anyone can potty train a puppy, don't worry if you are not a professional trainer or a dog expert. The most important thing to remember before you start training is to stay calm and patient. We are here to give you a hand in potty training your puppy with a few simple and easy puppy potty training tips

Easy Puppy Potty Training - Potty Training a Puppy

Easy Puppy Potty Training Tips

The first step is to simply pay attention and start looking for signals that your puppy needs "to go". This means making sure that the puppy is always within your line of sight so when he starts sniffing the ground or squatting, you can quickly run over and take him outside or to a special place inside where he can go potty. Understandably, this particular method is rather “hit and miss” because to paraphrase Murphy’s Law, the puppy will start to squat the moment you take your eyes off of him.

However, if you cannot keep your eyes on your puppy at all times, it does pay to know that puppies will invariably have to go potty within about 10 minutes of eating or drinking water. Remember to only fill the bowl enough so that the puppy is satisfied with what they can eat. After a few minutes, take your puppy outside or to the place you have designated for him to go.

Once your puppy goes successfully outside, reward the good behavior. this is an important part of the training process so don't skip it. Rewards help your puppy understand your demands and it helps build your bond. As a positive reinforcement, you can use a treat or a few calm words of approval.

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Easy Puppy Potty Training - Potty Training a Puppy

Crate Training

If you cannot watch your puppy or be near them for extended periods of time, you should try crate training. This is one of the best and easy puppy potty training methods that rely on a built-in instinct that all dogs possess. They will not soil the place in which they stay. This means that if you keep them in the crate, they will not go potty until you let them out.

You will of course need a puppy potty training crate that is big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around. Remember, the puppy does not consider this imprisonment and will actually grow to like the safety and security that the crate brings much as dogs enjoy their doghouse. After three or four hours of being crated, release the puppy and take him outside and wait for him to go potty.

This form of easy puppy potty training will rely on you being consistent until the puppy catches on and learns to wait until they go outside or to the designated place in your home. Before you know it, your puppy will be properly potty trained.

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