Classic KONG dog toy Review

Dog Product - Classic KONG dog toy Review

Upuppy score: 10

The classic KONG dog toy is a chew toy made of a natural rubber compound. The toy is perfect for stuffing with healthy treats and will keep your dog busy for long periods of time. In addition, the toy is super bouncy and perfect for fetch games. Kong toys are recommended worldwide by dog owners, trainers and vets.

Dog Product - Classic KONG dog toy Review


Highly durable, the KONG dog toy is made of strong natural rubber and is suitable for long periods of chewing time.

The toy is available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL - you can find a KONG for every dog size and type. The KONG offers a solution for separation anxiety in dogs – many dogs need a distraction to keep them busy when the owner leaves, KONG chew toys are great for this purpose. Also, it answers their need for chewing; it keeps their teeth clean and keeps their jaws strong. Dogs naturally love to play and stay active; the KONG classic toy encourages play and strengthens the bond between the dog and owner. The KONG toy can also be a solution for barking and digging that dogs tend to do when they are bored or afraid. Chasing after a bouncy KONG is a healthy and productive way to expend excess energy.


Extremely destructive dogs will eventually destroy the KONG. It is not 100% durable but it is very close and is excellent for most dogs.

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