Basic Puppy Training- The important instructions

Basic puppy training starts the moment you bring that cute little pup home. First of all, you will need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. The puppy is much like a baby; it requires a lot of care, supervision and patience. If you are leaving the house for long periods of time, you will need to get a dog sitter to take care of your puppy. While the tendencies of different breeds usually tend to come to the fore after the pup is four to five months old, most young pups usually follow the same routine.

Basic Puppy Training - Basic puppy training commands

Puppies are extremely active creatures, but they are not active around the clock. To better train your puppy, observing its lifestyle and timings would be a good idea. To give you a general example, here’s how an average pup leads its life in the early days: the puppy usually wakes up early in the morning, and wants to go to outside. For people with a yard in their houses, this means taking the pup out as soon as it wakes up. For those who are living in an apartment, you should take the pup to where you would want it to defecate, the litter box, the washroom, wherever. Remember, basic puppy training begins from day one!

Next, puppies are highly inquisitive creatures, so your pup will want to explore its surroundings. Don’t stop it but don’t let it throughout the house on the first day, which would be information overload. Instead, let your pup roam around the room where it is going to be most days, and search every nook and cranny. This would help the puppy get accustomed to the scents around it. Housebreaking must be carefully taught to the puppy, so that it never eliminates in its own den. Now, what about the basic puppy commands? When training your dog, using these commands is very important.

Basic puppy training commands

Teaching your puppy to sit

“Sit” is one of the most important cues you can teach your puppy. If a pup is sitting, he cannot be jumping up, surfing the counters for snacks, or running off with slippers. This important cue is usually the first thing we teach a new puppy when they come home.

Teaching your puppy to Stay

The importance of the ‘stay’ command cannot be overstated; this could potentially save your dog’s life. The “Stay” command must be taught to the pup, and it has a very clear understanding of when it is being threatened. Even the mother uses the ‘stay’ command with her pups. Teaching the ‘stay’ command is not an overnight task; it needs to be reinforced over and over again, and the length of time needs to be gradually increased until the dog learns that it is not allowed to move at all. Make sure that when teaching this command you do not get angry or punish the dog, since this requires a great deal of patience on your part. Gradually increase your distance, so that you are then able to move around while the dog remains in one position only.

Teaching your puppy to Down

One of the most important commands used in basic puppy training is the down command. This is regarded as one of the staple puppy training basics, and is one of the most popular basic puppy training commands out there. ‘Down’ is a slightly stronger command than ‘stay’, and basically commands the pup to keep its head down and lie in the position it is sitting. The ‘down’ command will make the dog stop moving and lie down in the same place. The ‘down’ command is quite important when training the dog because whenever you are training puppy not to bite or taking it through any sort of training, the ‘down’ command could instantly prevent the dog from causing a ruckus.

Teaching your puppy to Come

Potentially one of the most important commands that your dog will ever learn, the ‘Come’ command is basically puppy training 101. It is used in puppy socialization training, as well as to make sure that the pup always returns to you whenever you call it. While teaching this command might not be as difficult as many would consider (you could use dog treats to really make life easy), there is always a chance during basic puppy training that the pup might not return. That is the reason why during basic puppy training it is important to keep the dog within an enclosure so that it doesn’t run off. By properly teaching your dog these commands, you will not only make your life significantly easier, you will also ensure that your dog listens and understands your commands in a clear manner. Unless you are absolutely sure that the pup has been taught these basic puppy training commands, it would be unwise for you to move towards a different set of commands.

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