Basic Puppy Training Commands- Which are The Most Common Ones?

Understanding and teaching your puppy the common commands is very important and is it a part of the basic puppy training every dog owner should do. Teaching basic puppy training commands might seem quite simple, but unless you take the right approach it can prove to be a long and winding road. In the following few paragraphs, we shall talk about the basic puppy training commands that you should teach your pup, what they are meant to do as well as a brief guide on how to teach them to the pup:


Basic puppy training commands - Puppy training basics

When we approach the subject of puppy behavior training, the first of the basic puppy training commands that you need to teach your pup is the ‘sit’ command. As the name suggests, when commanded, your pup should stop whatever it is doing and just sit wherever it is. This is one of the basic puppy commands, and it doesn’t take very long for an average person to teach it to their pup. To teach your dog to sit, bring it in an open environment, where there aren’t many distractions. Then, in a loud and clear voice, speak out the word ‘Sit’. At first, the dog won’t notice. But once you have its attention, ask it to sit. Give it a few tries as the dog attempts to understand what it is you want from it. If it doesn’t sit on its own, make the pup sit with your hand. If it does sit, give it a treat and actively praise the pup. Give the command again, and wait for the dog to sit, reinforcing it with a treat when it does. Continue this, and your dog will have learnt the word by heart soon enough!


The next command on the list of puppy training commands is the ‘stay’ command. The stay command, when taught properly, will stop the dog from doing whatever it is engaged in and stay in its position. Teaching the stay command requires you to use your hand as well, showing the dog a flat palm. As always, bring the dog in an open area with minimal distractions. Wait until the dog is focused on you, and then speak ‘stay!’ in a loud and firm voice. Make sure you are very clear. Simultaneously, open your palm and make a gesture. If the dog stops moving and stays in its position, give it a treat. Repeat for further reinforcement.


Basic puppy training commands - Puppy training basics

The down command should be used when you want the dog to lay its head down on the ground and stay still. By now, we will presume that you would have taught the dog the above mentioned puppy training commands. As is the norm, start with keeping your dog in the ‘sit’ position. Then, speak out the dog’s name, followed by a ‘down!’ Place your palm on the dog’s head, and gently push it to the floor so that the dog lies down. Give it a treat to reinforce the behavior. Within a few tries, the dog will pick up on what you want it to do, and will automatically bring its head down whenever you say the command.


The come command is also known as the recall command, as it is used to bring the dog over to you. How do you do this? Bring the dog over to an open location, and get it seated. Take a few paces back from the dog, so that you are at a healthy distance from it. From there, shout the dog’s name, followed by a clear ‘come!’ Clap your hands a few times and bend so that the dog understands you are trying to call it over. As soon as the dog approaches you, give it a treat and reinforce the behavior. Repeat for maximum effect.

These are the most basic puppy training commands that all dogs should be taught, as it will help them be under the control of their masters with much more ease.

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