Puppy training

Puppy Training - House Training a Puppy

Training a puppy is not only an important item on every dog owner's "to-do" list, but a fun activity that builds a strong connection between you and your puppy. While there are many dog breeds and the unique personality of your dog, training puppies is universal and works for any type of dog.

With that said, we can now share with you our knowledge and experience so you can enjoy training your puppy successfully all by yourself. Training your puppy is easier than you might think, but rest assure that by the end of this short guide you will feel confident enough to start the process.

Training your own puppy:

Training your puppy is not so difficult if you follow the basic rules of thumb:

  •    Always greet your puppy when it comes to you
  •    Only give a command once
  •    Be consistent with your calls and responses
  •   Once you start a specific task – always follow through

Puppy Training - House Training a Puppy

Keeping these basic rules whenever you go into a training series with your puppy will allow your puppy training to go smoothly, and give optimal results. You will be surprised how fast your puppy will learn the new commands and obey them happily.

One more thing you should keep in mind while training your puppy is that a puppy is a social animal, with instincts and ideas of its own. with that in mind, remember that puppies want
to play and have fun, and that it takes a couple of days until a new lesson sets in, as training your dog means you want it to act according to your will, when often its instinct is to act another way.

Training Your Own Puppy – Your Gift To Yourself!

Puppy training is everything but a necessity, as it gives you, the owner, so much:

  •      Quality time – enjoy your puppy, and celebrate a beginning of a long friendship
  •      Get to know your puppy – when you train your pup, you get to know it intimately, and realize its characteristics and personality
  •       Learn about yourself – when we teach, even puppies, we get to learn a lot about ourselves in a new environment and new challenges
  •       Save a lot of money – professional puppy training can cost quite a lot, and you can easily save that money, feeling very satisfied with how easy and fun it was.
  •       Get a disciplined puppy – when you, and not a stranger, train your puppy, it will get used to listening to your voice and commands directly.

We at U Puppy Training truly believe that you can train your own puppy, based on our knowledge and experience. We invite you to take on the challenge and enjoy all the benefits training your own puppy will give both of you, and the information on our site will support you in this satisfying process.